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About Us

About Us

Ledwex, which will guide you in the world of light and colors, reflects your dreams to pixels with its experienced technical service team and fine workmanship. Ledwex offers the most suitable product for your led screen needs and determines the most suitable product and application area for you with its pre-installation discovery service. Ledwex, which guarantees to be with you at every step you take in the sparkling world of the led universe, will have an answer to all your questions and a solution to all your problems.

The best way to get attention.

We know the best way to attract attention. Led Display Solutions, Content Management Software, Content Management are just a few of them. Come and experience how remarkable quality products and fine workmanship can be.
  • Led Display Solutions
  • Turnkey Solution
  • Content Management Software
  • Content Management

Difference Makers

“Our team that listens, analyzes your expectations and needs before taking action and makes a difference to find solutions is the key to our success. With our experienced staff, we choose the most suitable product for your needs and closely follow the project design process with the discovery service to the application area.”

Our Job To Show Your Message Clearer, More Vividly!

One of the most important factors in choosing a led screen is how the product you choose will provide a visualization. Pixels, dimensions and technical specifications aside, you can visit us to see Ledwex workmanship more clearly!

Project Planning Process

We calibrate all of our led screens and check the color and brightness harmony. We select construction processes suitable for application purposes and use special project design methods.

Our Sensitive Point: Safety

Thanks to the discoveries we make before installation, we make the safest choice for the environmental conditions and needs of the application area. Thanks to our led screens and enclosures with ISO standards, our priority is safety before and after production.